"Jacquetta Szathmari is a lightning bolt of thought and presence with hilarity to boot." 
-Adrian Todd Zuniga, Literary Death Match Co-creator


"It was such a privilege to have jacquetta as our guest on Chonilla.com. More importantly, it was a charming experience to bear witness on Jacquetta's smart and extremely funny insights. He humour comes out naturally in conversation, and is a delight for any talk show host and their listeners.

-Clove & Sherley, Founders of Chonilla.com Podcasting Network (Canada)


Jacquetta Szathmari speaks her mind. Even if you don't agree with her, you're compelled to listen because she's hilarious and tells it like it is. I never thought I'd publicly endorse a black libertarian from rural America for anything, but that's how much fun Jacquetta is. 

-Baratunde Thurston, CEO/Co-Founder, Cultivated Wit
 Author of "How to be Black”

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Jacquetta's voice stands out from the crowd whether on paper or on stage because most people are either great storytellers or writers, she is both. From campy sci-fi to social commentary Jacquetta delivers; she makes you laugh and she makes you think.

 -DB Gilles, Author of The Screenwriter Within & The Portable Film School


Jacquetta Szathmari is hilarious, witty and a pleasure to work with. In her appearances on our podcast she's never failed to entertain while at the same time she's very professional. Over the years her flawless comedic timing and endearing personality have made Jacquetta an audience favorite.

-Rod Morrow, Producer/Co-Host of The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast

" Jacquetta's storytelling is like a tell-all biography written by the lovechild of Ester Rolle and Lenny Bruce. She's connected to her southern black roots, and intellectual progressive comedy in a totally unique way. Jacquetta's stories twist and turn the way only real life does, no stone is left unturned. She swears like a sailor, and she's an absolute peach to work with".

-DH Bennett, Musician, Composer & Author

Jacquetta is an exceptionally talented writer and comedienne. She is also very professional, delivering work on time and to a high standard. And she is a lot of fun to work with as well. Highly recommended!

 -Kevin Stocklin, Independent Media Production Professional