New Short Play "Open Arms" to Debut in Sticky


We are happy to announce that Jacquetta Szathmari’s new short play “Open Arms” will be performed in Sticky, May 17 at Under St. Marks"Open Arms" was commissioned by David Marcus of Spotlight Right for inclusion in a forthcoming anthology of pro-Second Amendment short plays. The play is set at a gun-range bachelorette party that goes awry exposing attitudes on violence, self defense, and self preservation--a comedy.

About Sticky

Sticky is short play series produced by Blue Box World. Blue Box World is an unsubsidized theater project that has been producing plays for over a decade with the mission of presenting “art for non fascist living”, that “seeks(s) at every turn to expose the foundations of our most fundamental beliefs in order that we may rule our ideas and not be ruled by them.” Sticky 10-minute play series, seen at Belly, Bowery Poetry Club, Mama's, Galapagos Art Space, Under Saint Marks, The Flea, and D-Lounge.

This month’s Sticky will also include works by:

Libby Emmons, T. Tara Turk, Michael Niederman, Nandita Shenoy, Debbie Jones, and a musical from Kara-Ayn Napolitano with musical guest: Jeffrey Marsh

performances and direction by:

Jolly Abraham, Ali Ayala, Ashley Samona Baker, Cate Bottiglione, Libby Emmons, Barrie Gelles, Abby Lee, Carol London, David Marcus, Jimmy Pravasilis, Liza Pross and Dax Valdes

The plays:

T. Tara Turk’s “Blackbird Bluebird” about a mother’s last visit before prison; Jacquetta Szathmari’s “Open Arms,” a gun slinging bachelorette party; Libby Emmons’ “Get Me/Get Me Back,” about refusing to read your best friend’s blog; Michael Niederman’s “Mutual Appreciation Society,” with an overeducated student who wants out; Nandita Shenoy’s micro-short “True Story,” starring an Indian actress who’s not Indian enough; Debbie Jones' “I Saw You,” in which an old man is hounded at his favorite bistro, and Kara Ayn Napolitano's mini-musical set in an old speakeasy, “Prohibition Blues.”

For more information visit the event page for Sticky on Facebook.