Dark Times feat. Laurie Lattimer

Just wanted to give a shout out to my friend Laurie Lattimer for her appearance in Dark Times. We met in a PIT writing workshop and her stories blew me away. Check her out.

  • Dark Times: A Comedic Variety Hour

    Wed., May 22, 9:30pm
    $5 at the PIT

    DARK TIMES is a variety show that takes our audience on an epic journey as we battle the forces of darkness and evil that separate us from our ultimate (undetermined) destinies.

    This show was inspired by a poignant evening on NBC's "The Voice," where a contestant found himself going through "dark times" after dropping out of NYU's graduate program for music business to pursue his true calling: slightly faltering karaoke singing.His parents seemed very disappointed.Hosted by Megan Lohne and Melissa Somosky, Dark Times will be an evening of sketch comedy, stand-up, storytelling, music, and anything else that might help us laugh our way out of our mild depression.We'll never be able to make our parents happy, but we can put on a variety show to pursue our empty dreams. Dark, dark times.Featuring the Comedic Stylings of Ryan Darden, Katie G.