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The Regular Back Women Podcast is in full swing. Check out the latest interviews.


Karinda Dobbins

Karinda Dobbins

RBW007: A Daughter and Dream
Comedian Karinda Dobbins on black women in comedy, the decline of Detroit, the limitations of black political power and homophobia in the community. Listen now.


Twanna Hines

Twanna Hines

RBW006: Funky, Brown, and Kinky
Sex educator Twanna Hines on American sexuality, the state of sex education, and kink as well as her development as an advocate and writer. Listen now.


Dawn Fraser

Dawn Fraser

RBW005: What's Dawn Fraser's Story
Activist and Storyteller Dawn Fraser on the impact of storytelling on community activism, media events, and social media as well as her process as a storyteller. Listen now.


Regular Black Women is Back

After a long hiatus the Regular Black Women podcast is back. In case you missed it the first time...

Regular Black Women (RBW) is an uncensored informed podcast on politics, race, class, gender, current events, and culture from rabid libertarian to classically liberal perspectives (minus romance and religion).  It’s the cure for the common commentary.

Yeah, pretty much. RBW has already started recording and is set to re-launch now. I'd tell you who the guests are but that would not be very sporting would it? 


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Sex Pizza and Super Adventure Podcast

Last month I was invited by the lovely Lauren Maul, aka Marilyn Powers  aka America's Scott Talent, to be a guest on her new podcast Sex Pizza. Joined by the incomparable Katie Compa we got real on death and corn silos, Maryland, and Midsomer Murders. It was a wild ride. Listen to Sex Pizza right up in here.

Sex Pizza, So exciting you'll puke glitter.

Sex Pizza, So exciting you'll puke glitter.


Friday Oct. 25 I am headed out to SI to record a Super Live Adventure podcast with John Szeluga and Chris Sorrentino. I met these fine fine gentlemen many years ago in an improve class. Really they were the best thing about the class. Drop by the Full Cup on Staten Island ( 388 Van Duzer Street) for the live recording followed by a Halloween part-tay. 


F - OFF!

After talking it up for over year I finally went and did it. I am starting the Festival of the Offensive. 

square logo.jpg

"Festival of the Offensive (F-OFF) is dedicated to showcasing live performances that otherwise might not be produced because the establishment doesn't have the balls to produce it. Long live Lenny Bruce!"

F-OFF is now accepting application. Find out more and get involved with this madness at OffensiveFestival.comOh, and just so you know: 

"F-OFF is not some liberal lefty progressive NYC hippie theatre fest. Yes, yes we all love peace but we want to showcase work from all sides of the political spectrum. If you are a conservative artist, bring it. Moderate? Bring it. We'll even accept Libertarians* and Constitution Party people. Who does that? "

Go forth and offend!  

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Pictures from Literary Death Match

Well, I almost won. I got beat in the Pulitzer pictionary sudden death finale. Check out the recap and see more pics at Literary Death Match.

Dark Times feat. Laurie Lattimer

Just wanted to give a shout out to my friend Laurie Lattimer for her appearance in Dark Times. We met in a PIT writing workshop and her stories blew me away. Check her out.

  • Dark Times: A Comedic Variety Hour

    Wed., May 22, 9:30pm
    $5 at the PIT

    DARK TIMES is a variety show that takes our audience on an epic journey as we battle the forces of darkness and evil that separate us from our ultimate (undetermined) destinies.

    This show was inspired by a poignant evening on NBC's "The Voice," where a contestant found himself going through "dark times" after dropping out of NYU's graduate program for music business to pursue his true calling: slightly faltering karaoke singing.His parents seemed very disappointed.Hosted by Megan Lohne and Melissa Somosky, Dark Times will be an evening of sketch comedy, stand-up, storytelling, music, and anything else that might help us laugh our way out of our mild depression.We'll never be able to make our parents happy, but we can put on a variety show to pursue our empty dreams. Dark, dark times.Featuring the Comedic Stylings of Ryan Darden, Katie G.